5 seater Sofa set Cerchio by Imperial Furnishing


5 Seater Sofa (3+1+1)

Also available in (3+2+2)


Premium grade upholstery

fabric with wooden legs.

Floral Printed Sofa set in Thimphu Bhutan
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Imperial Furnishing Furniture Showroom Bhutan
Premium Grade Upholstery Fabric
Imperial Furnishing Furniture Showroom Bhutan
Wooden Legs (Polyurethane Polish)
  • Product Details

Product Details:

  • Seat: Made of high quality softy foam.
  • Wooden Black Legs.
  • Premium Grade Sofa Fabric
  • Sofa Frame: Made of white teak wood.
  • 5 years guarantee on foam.

Product includes:

  • Triple seater sofa (1 No)
  • Single seater sofa (2 Nos)